What is live chat?

Live chat enables members to chat with each other as well as their Gtalk friends, They can share pictures, collaborate together with writeboards, broadcast videos, play games and a lot more while browsing the site and maintaining their privacy.

How can live chat benefit me?

Live chat can benefit you in many ways, now you can start chatting with members from all over the world who share the same insight and interest as you. you can create different rooms where you can either set it as.

1. A public room where it is available to all members.
2. A password protected room, where only the members you provided the password to, can access the room.
3. Invite only room, where you only invite who you want to be in the room.

One of the best feature our live chat service offer is, that you will be able to chat with other members, via chat room text messaging, voice calling, group video call, one on one video call.

Can I create a group video chat?

Yes. A member can simply start a group broadcast session by clicking on the broadcast link.

Can I video chat in private?

Yes. Members can start using live chat privately to make video/audio calls, and enables them to start chatting in real-time.

What is the purpose of live chat?

The purpose of live chat is to allows members to create their own virtual hangout space by using the Video Conference feature in the chatroom. A member can initiate a video Conference and the other members who wish to join the Conference can simply do so by clicking on the link in the chatroom.  The gaming feature in our live chat keeps members entertained. Members can indulge in a host of single and multi-player games that gives them a competitive edge.

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